Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Wed Jan 14 14:28:49 CST 2009

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, Gene Buckle wrote:
> Well that just means that you have to sell to someone on the list. They'll 
> understand the "value add" of a temperature controlled dinosaur cage where 
> the garage used to be. :)

At the moment I'm interested in advice as to how to go about doing some sort
of temperature control.  Of course my wife says that if I put A/C in the
garage, I first have to do the house.  I gather one of my coworkers has a
small server shed in the back yard with A/C, but no A/C in the house. :-)

We are in the process of trying to buy a house, and one of our key
requirements is that the garage can house the contents of my storage unit,
and ideally have room for a row of computer racks, including the two racks
housing the PDP-11/44 I have in my parents garage. :-)


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