thinking of selling my PDP-11/23+

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Wed Jan 14 16:06:47 CST 2009

Now that I have a working PDP-11/23+ system, I find (as I should have known from many similar projects) that the "fun" was really in accumulating the pieces and getting it working. I don't really have anything I want to DO with it (although I suppose that is the whole point of classic computing :) but I have run ADVENT. 

anyway I was wondering if someone else would be interested. In brief, it's an 11/23+ KDF-11BA CPU (the chassis front panel is embossed "11/03" though) with max 4 Mb RAM, two RL02's, VT220 and a 16-line serial card. Has a pack with RT-11 v5.mumble up and running. I have what appears to be a TSX-Plus pack but don't know how to generate a working system. "Corporate cabinet" in decent shape. Paint on the RL02 fronts has seen better days. Can send pics this weekend. 

It's in West Plains, MO (65775), about 200 mi southwest of St. Louis, 100 miles southeast of Springfield, MO. If I could find someone to help me get it down the stairs I could deliver it to St. Louis (or I could disassemble it if necessary and carry the pieces down) since I work there every week. 

Let me know if there's any interest - contact me offlist and make me a reasonable offer. I hate to see it just gathering dust and my PDP-8/A system (two RL02's and ASR33 Teletype, running OS/8) is enough vintage computing hardware for now :)


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