A few newb/background questions about the XKL TOAD

Michael Kerpan madcrow.maxwell at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 11:20:10 CST 2009

There's recently been a lot of talk about the XKL TOAD, and I, as an
interested lurker had been holding my tounge, despite having some
questions. No more.

1. How does the XKL compare with the Jupiter? Given that they both had
features like an extended address space, was the XKL basically a "if
DEC won't build it, we will" type of thing?

2. What the difference between the XKL TOAD and the various SC
systems? Was SC a reseller/packager/intergrator or did they have their
own seperate "Super KL"?

3. Does KLH10 support any of the XKL extensions?

4. Do the freeware copies of TOPS-20 floating around the internet have
any support for these extensions or were those proprietary to the
copies of TOPS-20 that shipped with TOADs?

Thanks for answering this barrage of silly questions,


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