Pete leaknoil at
Fri Jan 16 18:13:54 CST 2009

Oh the good ol' days of driving over to San Jose and rummaging through 
the surplus stores. RA electronics, Weird Stuff, Action Computers, and 
whatever the two off Lawrence were. One across from Fry's and the other 
up a ways towards 280. I can't believe I don't remember the names 
anymore Weird Stuff and Action Computers were always the over priced 
surplus stores I avoided back then. Now they are all that's left. 
Probably because they could still afford to pay rent when the boom happened.

I admit to selling half the stuff I found back then but, it was on this 
thing called the Usenet you really weren't supposed to be selling things 

So many 'e-recycers' now. Basically everyone with a pick-up truck is 
calling themselves electronic recyclers now and posting flyers all over.

Al Kossow wrote:
> > There seems to be a recent trend on ebay for places that collect
> > electronics for recycling to have someone who picks out the "old" items
> > for sale on ebay.
> They have been cherry picking the incoming stuff for years. The big 
> one around
> here is Computer Recycling Center, next to Weird Stuff (who is in the 
> same biz).
> Most modern PC stuff they get goes to schools, they eBay the stuff 
> they can get
> money from, and put the dregs up for sale on Saturday mornings. 
> Feeding frenzy
> at 9:00 AM when they open. I wander by every once and a while to pick 
> up cheap
> PCI cards, or the odd bit of old software no one else wants.
> Most of the store front junk stores around here disappeared as 
> manufacturing left
> the valley, and the bottom feeders from bankruptcies go directly to 
> eBay now with
> no retail presence.

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