Wall warts; was: hams on classiccmp

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 19 15:29:06 CST 2009

> >
> > Basically, it's cowboy electrical safety when it comes to consumer-
> > level mains-operated devices.
> >
> ...and I much prefer that to any nanny-state nonsense that makes things so 
> "safe" that there is literally no point to their existance.

I agree with you. The less the governement interfers with what I can do 
to muself and my property (without it affecting others) the better.

And thus I wamt to be able to buy a 'bare' mains transformer, even though 
in that state it is probably not safe to use. It needs to be encased, the 
case needs to be earthed if metal (and I'd want to earth the transformer 
core in any event), it needs suitable fuses in the primary and secondary 
circuits and so on. It is up to me to provide such 'extras'.

Equally, thouygh, if I buy something that claims to be a ready-built 
stand-alone PSU, such as a wall-wart, then it should be safe to use. I 
shouldn't have to modify it to include fuses. And as I mentioned earlier, 
I am not convinced that most wall-warts are safe.


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