Looking for a mac iifx and an apple 2e

Brian Lanning brianlanning at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 16:53:55 CST 2009

Hi everyone.  I'd like to add a mac iifx and a later model apple iie
(or possibly a 2gs) to my collection.  I might also be interested in a
mac cube, a working IBM PC-AT (5170), or maybe more amiga hardware I
don't have.  For trade, I can offer up a working amiga 2000 with a
hard drive (sans keyboard and mouse probably).  I also have some video
editing hardware that I believe is from the late 80s or early 90s.  I
have three giant professional JVC (iirc)   VCRs, two playback and one
record.  I also have what I think is an abner 2 editing controller and
a FOR-A FA740 time based corrector.  I have no idea how to use the
video editing stuff.  This came out of a working video editing lab.
I'm in the north suburbs of chicago.  Let me know if you're
interested.  Maybe we can work something out.  Thanks.


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