Running 3 phase 780s on single phase power

Pontus pontus at
Tue Jan 20 15:26:39 CST 2009

>  Rich> Some here seem to think that we are amateurs--if not
>  Rich> idiots--working on a home system, and unaware of the
>  Rich> precautions necessary before making changes to the power system
>  Rich> of any large computer.  
> Perhaps "some" are merely unaware of the background of the person(s)
> asking the questions.  Yes, it's somewhat annoying to an expert to get
> an answer that assumes he's a novice.  But it's potentially much
> nastier for a novice to get back an answer that assumes the knowledge
> of an expert.  Personally, I tend to write as if the audience is not
> all that experienced (unless I specifically know otherwise, and even
> then there will be others reading the archives later)

Indeed, I know enough to not put my fingers into
high-voltage/high-current, but not much more. Therefore it is
interesting to read about why I should not tinker with it.

Also, I very much appreciate your (PDPplanet) and others(computer
history museums) effort to share your experiences with the exotic
systems of yesteryears. Keep up the good work.


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