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On 20/01/2009 21:39, Tony Duell wrote:

>>> I assume the input connector on the SMPSU is either an IEC plug or
>>> one of those figure-of-8 connectors, or at least something stnadard.

>> Figure-of-8?  I suspect you're probably talking about the same thing,
>> even though it doesn't quite look like most fonts' 8 to me.  Here's a
> 'Figure of 8' is the common (although incorrect for many reasons) name 
> for the normal 2 pin main connector you find (found?) on cassette 
> recorders, radios, etc in the 1980s. I've seen it caleld a 'Telefunken 
> connector', although I suspect that name is dubious too.

That is an IEC 320 C7 connector (the original Telefunken design is 
almost the same) rated for 2.5 amps, and it's very common even today. 
It's often found on things like laptop power bricks, and digital camera 
chargers.  There's a slightly smaller and much less common version, 
without the notches that lead to the "figure of eight" name, which is 
IEC 320 C1.

There's one other in not-quite-common use; a C5 is kind of like the C7 
but with a third pin -- the earth -- above where one of the notches 
would be on C7.  It's rated for 2.5 amps as well, and sometimes found on 
laptop power bricks.

The common 3-pin plug (without a notch) sometimes quite wrongly referred 
to as a "kettle connector" over here, is an IEC 320 C13 connector.  It's 
usually made of soft(ish) plastic.  The version with the notch (which 
everywhere except in the States is rated for higher temperatures but not 
higher current, and is called a "hot condition" connector -- it really 
is a kettle connector, amongst other things) is a C15 and is usually 
made of hard plastic (for heat resistance), and the bigger rectangular 
one is IEC 320 C19.

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