FREE: misc small hardware (mostly SUN)

Bob Bramwell bob at
Tue Jan 20 18:52:30 CST 2009

Dear Gentlegeeks,

Thank you for your generous offers to help unburden me of some classic  
hardware.  I was so surprised by some of the stuff that generated  
interest that I thought I'd list a few more odds and ends that  
originally seemed just too ancient or oddball to mention:

1 x Artecon SB-16 (?) SBUS serial card.  No breakout cable or anything  
like that.
1 x SUN 540-2007 serial/parallel controller breakout panel & cable
     (i.e. a metal box with rubber feet and 8 serial + 1 parallel  
female DB25 connectors on it +
      a big, beefy cable to connect it to whatever used to do the Real  
3 x mini-DIN - female DB25 SUN serial cables (I forget what model SUN  
they fit)
5 x SUN mini-DIN keyboard cables
? x various SUN SCSI cables with the Really Old connectors (DB50?)  
they used + a couple of terminators
3 x DB25 - CENT50 Apple SCSI cables
3 x Macintosh Hard Disk Toolkits (still shrink-wrapped)

No one wants the SUN power supplies?  I guess no one needs them while  
supplies last :-)

Again, please contact me off-list if you are interested in any of this  
stuff.  And PLEASE tell me approximately where it needs to be shipped  
so I can figure out how much it will cost.


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