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On 21/01/2009 11:37, Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 January 2009 05:25:38 pm Paul Koning wrote:

>> Perhaps the same, perhaps not -- there are a number of IEC mains
>> connectors.  There is the 5 sided one found on many computers, which
>> is rated at 10 or 13 amps depending on country.  A less common variant
>> (also 5-sided) has the blades parallel to the long edge rather than
>> the short edge -- 16 or 20 amps.

I think Paul means 6-sided (top, bottom, two sides, two bevelled 
corners) :-)  The second one he mentions is not very common in my 
experience, but the 16A/20A four-sided C19 is found on some SGI, HP and 
Sun equipment, on APC UPSs, and several other devices.

   (There's also a version of the 13
>> amp connector with a dent in the long side opposite the ground pin;
>> that indicates high operating temperature rating.)
> I've not seen either of the latter two (yet).

The hot-condition one is often found on Cisco and HP network switches 
that draw relatively high currents.

>> For lower power, there are "figure of 8" connectors.  One has two
>> wires (no ground).  The other is 3 wire (with ground); the ground is
>> in between the other two, offset to the side, a 120 degree or so
>> equilateral triangle.  That plug style is good for 3 amps or so.

2.5A, same as the two-pin figure-of-eight.

Have a look at http://www.accesscomms.com.au/reference/iec320.htm for 
some diagrams and current and temperature ratings.


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