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Tue Jan 20 07:53:14 CST 2009

Brent Hilpert さんは書きました:
> If chemical treatment or polishing is inadequate, Scotchbrite pads with water
> might be a next step. They can be surprisingly abrasive on soft metals (they
> can remove thin plating or anodising), so one wants to be gentle at first, but
> they are less aggressive than steel wool or wire-brushing. I haven't heard of
> any issues with them leaving embedded particles, as has been mentioned as a
> problem with steel wool.

There are several different grades of Scotch Brite. The baby blue 
grade, which is the gentlest, might be preferable to the green, red, 
gray or other grades. That's all I remember of the grades but if you 
find a box of the stuff, the grades should be described on it. Perhaps 
the info is also on the 3M website somewhere?


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