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2009/1/25 Jim Battle <frustum at>:
> First, the questions: does anybody know what happened to AFIPS Press?


> Next, the background:
> I bought a used AFIPS 1979 Conference Proceedings (Vol 48) of the National
> Computer Conference.  I bought it for a single article.
> I'd like to scan and post that article online.  Although I've scanned other
> material and put it online, I know ACM and IEEE are still very protective of
> even 40 year old publications, as they actively sell reprints online (some
> of which I've bought).  This is a meaningful revenue stream to them.

I have checked the IEEE web site and I can not find any references to
this directly. The closest I get is references to a computer
conference within the "Computer" periodical.

Any chance you can list the titles and authors of any of the papers?



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