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Sun Jan 25 19:30:07 CST 2009

    Some time ago, I was looking for the FORTRAN program or data deck used 
to print the large Mona Lisa picture that I saw back in the '70s.  I was 
directed to Dave Gesswein's PDP-8 site, and a collection of vintage ASCII 
art files:

    A 2-page wide version of the Mona Lisa was there, along with Buzz 
Aldrin on the moon, Spock holding a model of the Enterprise and a huge 
picture of the moon.  These were all designed to be printed on a chain or 
drum printer using overstrike to create pseudo grayscale values.  I 
printed off several images on a Data General LDM-800 line matrix printer, 
and was happy with the results.

    Several of the print files had the name "Sam Harbison" on them, from 
Princeton in 1973.  I managed to locate an email address for Sam, and sent 
him a note asking about the process used in creating those pictures.  With 
his permission, I posted his response on my ASCII Art page:

    He gives a very detailed explanation about the process.  Photos of my 
printouts are there, as well.

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