Recommendations for IMSAI-compatible RAM cards?

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Tue Jan 27 10:41:10 CST 2009

The Compupro RAM series (RAM16, etc.) do a good job for me.

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> Subject: Recommendations for IMSAI-compatible RAM cards?
> Hey all --
> Acquired an IMSAI 8080 in half-assembled condition (but the price was 
> right).  I believe that (after doing some thorough cleaning, debugging, 
> and replacing of old cabling) that I've got the front panel and CPU 
> functioning correctly.  However, the IMSAI came without any RAM cards so 
> I'm unable to go any further at the moment.
> I have one S-100 RAM card but I have no documentation on it and it's 
> missing a couple of ICs (and what they're supposed to be, I don't 
> know).  It's a PSS RAM65.  My internet searches for info confirm that 
> the card does indeed exist, but I can find no technical information.
>  From my research, my understanding is that S-100 RAM cards are fickle 
> and compatibility with front-panel machines can be an issue.  Does 
> anyone have any recommendations for what to look out for as I begin my 
> search?  Anyone have any decent RAM cards they'd be willing to part with?
> Thanks!
> Josh
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