Seeking reverse-engineers - Apple II VisiCalc

Jim Battle frustum at
Thu Jan 29 11:40:38 CST 2009

Al Kossow wrote:
>> I think typically it just gets misplaced, not lost :-)
>> I bet it still exists in a lot of cases, but everybody's forgotten
>> exactly where
> I respectfully disagree. Once a product reaches end of life, it is 
> disposed of.

I have a contact at Getronics, the company which swallowed Wang.  He is 
the last person still supporting old Wang 2200 products and whatnot.  In 
one of many down-sizings of his office, he contacted me and sent me a 
pallet of manuals, disks, and hardware that he was otherwise going to 
toss.  Unfortunately he has gone silent, so I fear he may have be 
downsized too.  :-(

A while back I pressed him to see if source still existed for any of the 
microcode releases and he said he doubted it, and if it did still exist, 
he didn't know where it was located.

Like Al said, the best hope is that some packrat broke company rules and 
tucked away a copy as a memento when they left the company.

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