Altos 586 disks

SPC spedraja at
Thu Jul 2 14:11:57 CDT 2009

The diskette unit of the Altos 586 is finally operative and tested with 5.25
diskettes of 360k and 1200k. I even did one backup with 'tar' in diskettes
of 1200k (8 units)

But of course you musn't use the instructions of the Xenix manual to put
operative a diskette... at least not EXACTLY

To being operative one diskette of 360k must be treated so:

 option 2 (IBM AT slow format)

... and later:

 mkfs /dev/fd0 360

For the 1200k diskettes:

 option 3 (IBM AT fast format)

... and later:

 mkfs /dev/fd096ds15 ? (not sure about the exact size to provide here)


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