RP02, RP03, RP04

Mike Ross mross666 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 7 15:42:18 CDT 2009

Thanks to a recent rescue from Canada, I now have the above DEC disk drives. They're not in bad shape - need a good cleaning - and will probably get them running in due course; I have RP15 and RP11 controllers to hook them up to. For this I will however need disk packs! Now Farris will *build* you any disk pack you desire - at $850 each, and my budget doesn't reach quite that far. So anyone with packs for the above, please get in touch! http://www.mfarris.com/pack/dec2.html gives some information on the packs in question. The RP02 is a Memorex 660, IBM 2314 (drive) / 2316 (pack) - compatible, the RP03 uses the same pack (????), the RP04 is IBM 3330 compatible.

Hmmm... dumb question: The RP06 also used IBM 3330-compatible media, IIRC; I don't suppose I can use the same packs on the the RP04, can I? That would be too easy...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'll also need to find or make cables to hook the drives up to the controllers..!



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