Ebay: IBM 026 and 083, punch and sorter

J Blaser oldcpu at rogerwilco.org
Fri Jul 10 00:02:44 CDT 2009

I know I don't have a warehouse-sized workroom to hold this kind of gear,
so I'll pass.  Still, it'd be sad to see these two items melted down and made
into Ford truck bumpers or whatever.  Someone in the upper Midwest might
be up for saving some real 'iron' from the chopper.  A bit pricey for the
opening bids, but pretty interesting stuff, and claimed to be in working
order.  I haven't seen anything like this since a one-time adventure
learning FORTRAN on an IBM 360 via card-fed batch jobs back in 1976.

Collectible Vintage IBM 026 Card Punch Machine computer
Item number: 260443687771

Vintage IBM 083 Card Sorter
Item number: 260443687154

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