C64 sound problems

David Betz dbetz at xlisper.com
Fri Jul 10 12:31:30 CDT 2009

I just inherited a Commodore 64, 1541 disk drive, some joysticks and  
various other related stuff. I've tried the C64 and 1541 by attempting  
to boot a couple of games that came with the package and it seems that  
the computer and drive work okay. The games come up and display their  
start screen. My problem is that the sound doesn't seem to work. The  
games came up silent when I suspect that they have some sort of music  
associated with their start screens and a simple Basic program that I  
typed in to test the sound also fails to produce any output. I know  
that the SID chips in these machines are prone to failure but I was  
wondering if there were any other likely causes of a lack of sound.  
The main reason I was interested in this machine was to play around  
with the SID so it will be very disappointing to find that it is bad.  
Is there anything other than a dead SID that can cause sound problems  
on a C64?


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