For sale: IBM 5103 printer - 1975?

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Jul 12 13:30:35 CDT 2009

Christian Corti wrote:
> There's a 5103 for the 5100, and there's a 5103 for the 5110/5120. The 
> two models have slightly different bus signals, and they are not 
> interchangeable.
Are you certain?  I've used a 5103 model 11 (80 cps) on both a 5100 and 
a 5110.  I haven't tried the model 12 (120 cps), and I haven't tried 
either printer on the 5120, but I don't see any indication that they 
shouldn't work.

Which bus signals are different?

There are other 5103 models that are intended for other IBM computers 
not in the 51xx line, and those won't work on the 5100, 5110, or 5120.


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