TCP/IP for VMS 5.4

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Jul 13 09:04:55 CDT 2009

At 12:51 PM -0400 7/12/09, Allison wrote:
>I'd not olly say cheaper, but then you will not be limited to 153MB.
>when yo consider that V5.4 eats the 153MB about 80% a 1gb drive is
>very attractive. 
>Last I looked (it been a while) a SCSI adaptor such as CMD is 4-500$
>and suitable SCSI drives are cheap.

Which is why I said SCSI or ESDI might be cheaper.  Price an RD54. 
:-(  Also take into consideration that the SCSI drives are likely to 
be more reliable.


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