RSTS-11 distribution?

Barry Moyer Barry.Moyer at
Mon Jul 13 13:39:05 CDT 2009

I would be most grateful for any RSTS-11 version V4 or earlier.  The
RSTSV4A disk at does work, but I am after a distribution to
construct an equivalent.  

I have located tape image files that should contain the distribution,
but the tapes are not directly bootable, and I don't know how to get
them to play nice with E11 or simh (I have tried both).  Once I get a
prepared Rk05 disk under the simulators, I can get the disk image onto
the real disk.

As I mentioned, I want to learn the black art of running my old machine
using the distributions that were from the same era (1970 - 1974).


On Mon Jul 13 10:15:52 CDT 2009, Zane H. Healy wrote:

>At 7:59 PM -0600 7/12/09, B M wrote:
>>I am looking for RSTS-11 circa 1972 to install on my PDP-11/10
>>machine.  I am more interested in a "historically correct" rather than
>>"more useable" system.
>>I have a PDP-11/10 with 32kw core memory and an RK05 disk drive.  My
>>goal is to load RSTS-11 on this machine.  I have scoured the internet,
>>including and Bitsavers, but I have not come up with an
>>installable distribution.

> What version are you looking for?  You've searched more places that I 
> was aware of.  I'd not heard of, and I don't have anything 
> older than what is at those locations.
> Zane
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