Do not call them PCMCIA Cards (was "An interesting eBay find ....)

Ray Arachelian ray at
Wed Jul 15 20:22:25 CDT 2009

Brian Wheeler wrote:
> I suppose the pronunciation of "etc" is a flamewar waiting to happen as
> well :)
It's always "Et-Cee" short for et-cetera.  (let the flames begin.)

(I've always found it odd that etc wasn't called something like /conf,
but of course, in the early Unixen, there were binaries in /etc so it
really was an et cetera directory.)

Another fun one is what to call "vi" - (I always called vai, never veee
aye - that can start a flame fest too) but if anyone calls it 6, they'll
get slapped with a tuna. :-)

fsck (pronounced fisk) is fun too... it almost sounds like a word.. 
"That fsck'ing volume got corrupted again."

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