40 yrs of Lunar Lander - the other anniversary

Dan Roganti ragooman at comcast.net
Wed Jul 22 21:18:22 CDT 2009

40 yrs of Lunar Lander - the other anniversary

“Lexington High School had a PDP-8,” Storer recalls. “It had 8 
Teletypes, a small hard drive, and 12KB of main memory, where 8KB was 
used by the system and 4KB time shared by the users.” Storer wrote his 
new program, “Lunar Landing Game,” in FOCAL, a programming language for 
the PDP-8 that was similar in some ways to BASIC (both were introductory 
languages known for their ease of use). His simulation was simple, yet 
powerful: underneath lay a realistic set of equations Storer believes 
his father may have taught him.


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