Atari and Commodore stuff

David Betz dbetz at
Fri Jul 24 16:52:03 CDT 2009

I have a bunch of Atari and Commodore stuff that needs to find a new  
home. I'd love it if someone would come and pick this up in Bedford,  
NH. If that doesn't work, I may be willing to ship some/all of it if  
the buyer pays the shipping. If possible, I'd like all of the Atari  
stuff to go in one batch and all of the Commodore stuff in one batch  
(or everything in one batch).

I'm offering this stuff for free although if you have any old  
calculators or hand-held computers that you'd like to trade that would  
be even better!


Atari stuff

2 Atari 1050 disk drives with power supplies and SIO cables
1 Atari 850 interface with power supply and SIO cable
6 SIO cables
1 Atari Logo cartridge and manuals
1 Atari Editor/Assembler cartridge and manual
1 pair of Atari paddle controllers
1 Atari controller extension cable / Y adapter
2 RF switch boxes
1 Atari PAG-1200 power supply, 9VDC 1A
2 Atari CO-14319 power supplies, 9VAC 15.3VA
1 Atari 1010 Owner's Guide
1 Atari Basketball cartridge CXL4004
1 Atari Music Composer cartridge CXL4007
1 Spinnaker Adventure Creator cartridge

Commodore stuff

1 Commodore 1541 disk drive with power and data cables
2 Suncom Tac5 joysticks
1 Aprospand 4 slot extender
1 Cardkey numeric keypad with a missing keycap (the multiply key)
1 Cardco centronics parallel interface with cables

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