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Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood at btconnect.com
Mon Jun 1 09:23:11 CDT 2009

It looks like a 1940's tele-printer or fax station. Could what appears to be
a train actually be a DC3 of Northwest Airlines? If it's a train then it's
not a UK one. Wrong sort of windows and no signs that big on any UK train.

The oblong console windows seem to have some sort of printer behind them.
The square windows have what looks like paper tape punches or high speed
tape readers behind them. 

Rod Smallwood


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At 7:23 AM -0500 6/1/09, Jules Richardson wrote:
>We've got a chap looking for an ID on the following - anyone got any ideas?
>Photo dated May 27th 1947, apparently (so speculation so far is some 
>form of relay-based controller rather than a computer, but that's 
>merely a guess)

My guess is something to do with trains, as that appears to be a 
passenger car in the background.  Is this a UK photo?


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