vintage hardware still alive and kickin' -- another successful launch from vandenberg afb

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Jun 2 22:53:50 CDT 2009

> "TIPS consists of two systems of the CDC Cyber 840 computers, 21 systems of
> the SEL 32/55 and 32/75A computers,  and  various peripheral and supporting
> equipment on 2 acres of floor space."
> I wonder what other vintage hardware is still in operation -- museum
> collections don't count :)

The missile tracking ship OBSERVATION ISLAND also probably still has a
similar Cyber running, or perhaps one slightly older. That ship is
still in service, but is slated to be stricken next year (we shall
see...). It would be nice to get these old systems pulled out of their
current homes safely, but the government has a habit of junking the
stuff. The last missile trackers I was on (VANGUARD and RANGE
SENTINEL) both had their computer rooms completely stripped of
everything above the raised floor, with the exception of a lonely
Printronics printer. Interestingly, VANGUARD still had the original
Univac shipping crates in one of the lower compartments.


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