Inappropriate remarks (Was Fwd: Mystery object... )

Julian Skidmore julianskidmore at
Tue Jun 2 16:15:57 CDT 2009

Dear Cctech Members,

> On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Andrew Burton wrote:
> > Technically it was lost over the Atlantic Ocean and reports
> > of some sort
> > of computer failure 30 minutes before they vanished.
> Windows BSOD??
> > It's a shame they were using Amiga's, they'd have made it to France 1
> > hour earlier than expected!

> "Guru meditation number"?

These posts are the most insensitive & complete off-topic remarks I have 
ever seen on CCTech. The authors should be ashamed of themselves.

For all you or I know, CCTech members could have had friends or loved
ones on the aircraft, but in any case the passengers and staff who
(as is almost certain) lost their lives in such a tragic and terrifying
manner should be treated with far more respect than has been shown here.


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