Inappropriate remarks (Was Fwd: Mystery object... )

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jun 3 01:38:52 CDT 2009

> If you know someone who was lost, thats understandable, but the remarks
> weren't really that bad. If someone on CC lost someone to it, let them
> complain if they wish. There's no reason for you to be offended if you
> didn't loose someone. 220 people out of the 7 billion on the planet is a
> raindrop in the ocean.

I think you just lowered the bar. I would have hoped you had more
sense. What if the person is in grief,  stricken by a loss? Do you
think they are going to be reading this list? What will it be like
when they catch up reading their messages? Will it comfort them when
they find their loss is called insignificant?

Folks, lets kill this right now.


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