VT52 emulator (was: Fw: Still Falling for Tetris, 25 Years After Its Birth )

Alexander Voropay alec at sensi.org
Wed Jun 3 16:50:40 CDT 2009

2009/6/3 Richard <legalize at xmission.com>:
>> Original Tetris requires 0177 character to be BLOCK to draw.
> Interesting!  Most stuff is OK with VT100 instead of VT52.

This TETRIS.SAV and many other soviet RT-11 games used
hardcoded VT-52 sequences for cursor movement and positioning,
i.e. "short" ESC "A" instead of ESC "[" "A" e.t.c.

 I've tried alot of VT-52/telnet emulators, it's awful. The one of the
best is a M$ HyperTerm (sic!) in VT-52 mode.

 Electronica-60 was equipped with 15-IE-00-013 videoterminal
(not sure about origins, maybe Tectronix clone ?). It had rather
similar VT-52 sequences (K52.SAV worked w/o any problems).
Also it had Cyrillic charset swithable via SI/SO ASCII control
codes. The 0177 character was a 6x8 block.

and ru. interwiki


I've put my collection of the soviet RT-11 games here:

To run this games you need working SIMH and RT-11.


PDP-11 simulator V3.8-0
sim> attach rl0 rtv53_rl.dsk
sim> attach rl1 games.dsk
sim> set throttle 200k
sim> set console pchar=37777777777
sim> set console telnet=23

sim> boot rl0




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