anyone read dealers of lightning?

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> From: Curt @ Atari Museum
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> If you enjoy reading [_Dealers of Lightning_], also read Soul of a new
> Machine, its about the creation of Data General and I think that was an
> even better read.

De gustibus non disputandum.  However, _Soul_ is very much NOT about "the
creation of Data General", which was incorporated in 1968.  It is rather
about DG's effort, c. 1976, to get to market with a so-called supermini, in
order to compete with DEC's VAX (which was under development at the same

I first read _Soul_ as a serial in _Computerworld_ in the summer of 1977, and
enjoyed it enough that I put it on my Christmas list (hey, I was still in
grad school and had no money for extra books). Even so...

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