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> Rick Bensene wrote:
>> I've got a batch of 30 brand new 8" Floppies that I can't figure out.
>> They are hard-sectored disks.
>> The weird part is that the index hole placement is strange on these
>> disks.
>> They don't work on my Altair 8" drives since the index sensor doesn't
>> line up with the hole.
> They're double-sided disks. Not too uncommon. If you want to see some
> really strange 8" floppy disks, I have a box of Memorex disks that are
> hard-sectored and have the sector/index hole near the outer edge of the
> disk, rather than near the rim.
> IBM used an outer-edge index hole on the very first floppy drive, the
> Minnow (23FD), which was a read-only drive used for microcode storage.
> Minnow only stored about 80KB and spun at 90 RPM (vs. 360 for "modern"
> 8-inch floppy drives). The 23FD drive and media were not offered as
> separate products.
> Memorex introduced the first commercially-sold 8" read/write floppy
> drive, the 650, and later a 651 with faster seek times. These were
> hard-sectored and had the sector/index hole near the outer edge, and
> spun at 375 RPM. I don't know whether the diskettes used by the Memorex
> 65x drives were interchangeable with Minnow disks, but my box of Memorex
> disks were presumably for the Memorex 65x drive. I've heard that the
> 65x drive was used in some early word processing systems.
> Eric
 If he wants to use them, just get a hand hole punch.
Slip a piece of thin cardboard between the envelop
and the disk then slide the punch in and put the hole
where you'd like.
 The cardboard will protect the disk while punching.
I admit to doing it myself.

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