Classic mac fun (and some questions)

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> I had originally planned to use this scsi box with my amiga which
> isn't so hardware-picky.  I've been wanting to get one of those
> external apple-branded cdrom drives so maybe I should start shopping
> for one of those.

Yes, you should. It will solve a lot of problems.

> >> Networking doesn't seem to work. _I get a light on the hub, but it
> >> doesn't seem interested in letting me get to the network.
> >
> > AppleTalk or TCP/IP? Do you have a MacTCP control panel? TCP/IP?
> tcp/ip.  MacTCP looks like it's there, but again, it doesn't seem to
> work.  I'll send out an exact error message and a description of what
> I'm doing tonight.

You should see (the Q700 has built-in Ethernet IIRC) something like
LocalTalk and the built-in Ethernet. Select Ethernet in MacTCP, and click
More... if you want to adjust things like subnet mask and so on.

If you are using an ENet card in one of the NuBus slots, make sure you
have a driver for it. I would just use the built-in ENet; AAUI connectors
are dirt-cheap and common as, well, dirt.

> > Check that you have the File Exchange control panel installed, but this
> > again should be a standard part of 7.6.
> I'll play with that it more tonight.

You mentioned in your message that PC/File Exchange were all installed.
When you select them from the Control Panels, no error?

Otherwise, yeah, I suspect the floppy drive. The auto-inject drives are all
getting long in the tooth. A thorough cleaning would be a good start.

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