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mike ingram ingrammp at
Fri Jun 5 19:29:16 CDT 2009

Hi Sergio

Uh...   never mind the tarball stuff....  Dave has the files on his  
site all arranged in their separate disks... some were sent by me and  
some by another user.

He also has a program that will allow you to create floppies on a PC  
type machine,,,, So, one takes these IMD images ( they are actually  
images of separate floppy disks )..    and burns floppies and then  
the Altos can read those floppies.   His site is:

Easiest method it to get the IMD program, those files, and a stack of  
floppies, then find a PC with a 5 1/2 floppy drive, and have at it  
for a bit.    Then you go to the Altos and you should be able to read  
the files right there.

Yes, you could use "cu" to get the IMD images over, but then you'd  
still have the problem of how to decode the IMD images, and some of  
the files weren't even unix files ( like the MP/M operating system  
and the ADX Diagnostic disk )..

Hope it helps


On May 27, 2009, at 12:01 AM, SPC wrote:

> A lot of thanks, sincerely :-)
> The Altos is in good shape and working state and I consider a waste  
> don't
> hack it a little. And, more important, I did a test and probe that  
> I can
> manage it using the serial port of my laptop and one original Dec  
> VT220
> (that I use eventually to connect in old-fashion mode to SIMH by  
> the same
> way, but this is other story).
> Only one point to clear... you speak about send IMD images in a  
> tarball,
> isn't so ? Or perhaps... Do you speak about the single files of the  
> disks
> (one by one) ? In this last case, I wonder if would be possible to  
> send
> files to the Altos Xenix using 'cu' or something similar... Only  
> assorted
> thoughts, you know... :-)
> Thanks again. Kind Regards.
> Sergio
> 2009/5/27 mike ingram <ingrammp at>
>> Hi Sergio
>> I  had given Dave Dunfield copies of a C compiler and some other  
>> stuff that
>> I won on an Ebay auction a couple of years ago.
>> Dave used to have a site at 
>> museum/<>img/index.htm
>>   that had copies of this, but it doesn't seem to be working..     
>> ( anybody
>> know where this is now ???? )
>> Anyways,  I had these disks:
>> Xenix Development System version 3.0BS0, which includes 7 floppies,
>> SCCS 3.0B0 disk 1 of 1
>> Spelling Checker 3.0BS0 disk 1 of 1
>> Level II COBOL R2.02S0 RTS Rev 56 disk 1 of 1
>> INFORMIX demo version 3.11B  two disks   ( not ALTOS, but with  
>> label on it )
>> F77 Fortran version 1.2B0 disk 1 of 1
>> C Compiler 3.0BS1  two disks
>> Be glad to email you what I have ....  I think I just put it all  
>> into a tar
>> ball and gzipped it,  after using Dave's  ImageDisk  program to  
>> copy the
>> original floppies into something more moveable.
>> Mike
>> On May 22, 2009, at 4:51 AM, SPC wrote:
>>  Hello. I have one Altos 686 with Xenix 3.2 in working state. I  
>> should like
>>> to install on it one C compiler and eventually the Ryan-McFarland  
>>> Cobol
>>> for
>>> this platform if available.
>>> I remember something about IMD image disks available in some  
>>> place in the
>>> Internet but I don't remember where.
>>> All help is welcome
>>> Kind Regards
>>> Sergio

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