Further 11/40 unibus questions...

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 6 12:30:36 CDT 2009

> Long ago, I bought a Heathkit color television -- it was gorgeous.  
> Needed some work.  Also, while I was contemplating buying it, the owner 
> offered to throw in a 'scope, too.  It had never worked he said.  The 
> screen was "grainy" and a new tube cost too much.  I accepted.  The 
> television was easy to fix (Heathkit, I said).
> But, when I fired up the 'scope, I was shocked.  He was right.  The 
> scope image could be focused, but it never got clear.  It looked like 
> the phosphor was painted on the tube with a roller.  Then, I had to 
> laugh....
> I took off the bezel, pulled off the graticule screen, and peeled the 
> tyvek sticky paper off the back of the plastic screen, and voila!  A 
> nice clear trace.


I wodnered why complex electronic instruments came with such losing 
manuals, after all, surely the sort of person to buy a 'scope or logic 
analuyser has more than 2 working braincells. Now I know...


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