Altos 686

Dave Dunfield dave09 at
Sun Jun 7 07:43:54 CDT 2009

> Thanks, Mike. I know that some part of the stuff is non-Xenix... but my
> question was about the Xenix specific. What I told was something that
> perhaps Dave don't had in mind when it developed ImageDisk. I speak about
> write the output of one IMD image using ImageDisk... but in one RAW image,
> not in one physical drive. This raw image could be compatible with some of
> the emulators available actually, from SIMH to other for Z80 or PC
> platforms.

The ImageDisk Utility (IMDU - included with ImageDisk) can do many things
with an ImageDisk image including convert it to a raw binary file (linear
dump of sectors). Many simulators and emulators can mount that binary file.


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