loading disk image on PDP-11

Doug Jackson doug at stillhq.com
Mon Jun 8 18:39:11 CDT 2009

B M wrote - in relation to using vtserver to load an image onto a 
> "I was thinking of using vtserver to transfer the image over a serial
> line, but the 'copy' program is not compatible with my PDP-11/05 (it
> uses the 'mul' and 'div' instructions which is not available on my
> PDP-11/10)."

Is this the same reason why I cant get vtserver to work with my 
PDP-11/04 and PDP-11/34?  Has anybody else had success with this? 

Has anybody considered a guaranteel clean version of vtserver that 'just 
ran' on all PDP-11 hardware (or is that a pipedream)?


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