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>> At this point, Multics does not run anywhere in the world and, to my
>> knowledge, nobody even has the hardware to run it... well, CHM has
>> DOCKMASTER, but can that still run?
> No.  It is missing the swapping disk.  Replacing it could be done, but it
> would be a non-trivial (and non-cheap) enterprise.  -- Ian

What kind of hardware are you talking here?  Looking at
http://www.multicians.org/site-dockmaster.html I assume you're talking about
the "4 MW paging device (bulk store)", though the same page mentions that
CHM didn't recieve the disks.  Are the drives all the removable diskpack
type?  We used mainly fixed disks, but had a few removable packs.

Does anyone know what it takes to connect IBM DASD to a DPS-8, and if
Multic's would support it?  I know that it is possible with GCOS-8, but I do
not know what model, or how it would be connected.  As *INSANE* as it
sounds, someone dropped one of the two DASD units for the site I worked at
off the back of the truck, and it wasn't replaced (not sure why), as a
result we were unable to bring the IBM DASD online.

As of this last weekend my Honeywell manuals are out of storage, and at
home.  I'm just not sure where they are in the garage, though I've a pretty
good idea.  It will be interesting to see just what I have manuals for as it
has been years since I've seen them.  I'm sure I don't have anything on
Mulitics, as I worked at a GCOS-8 site.  I'm not sure what I might have on
hardware.  I do know that when I can find the time, I want to go through and
refresh my memory on GCOS-8.  I haven't touched it in nearly 16 years.


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