IBM 029 progress

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Jun 10 19:45:51 CDT 2009

Warren Wolfe wrote:
> Erm...  I doubt this.  I saw a 2 farad cap at a surplus place in Lima, 
> Ohio.  It was rated at 12 volts, and looked like a sawed-off oil drum.
That's much older technology.  As others here have observed, you can now 
get a 100F capacitor that is quite compact, though they have voltage 
ratings between 2V and 2.7V.
> I think there's some sort of square-cube thing going on here that 
> makes ever-increasing values of capacitance ever huger.
Not really.  For a given technology, the volume is roughly linearly 
related to the product of the capacitance and voltage.

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