Oddest mismatch in hardware for a given purpose...

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Thu Jun 11 07:47:40 CDT 2009

> > > I have in my grubby little hands an Elektronika MK-85 calculator, 
> > > which externally is a spot-on clone of the Casio FX-700P BASIC 
> > > programmable calculator.  Functionally, it's identical as well, with 
> > > a few enhancements (pixel-addressable graphics, a Cyrillic 
> > > character-set, etc)
> > Pixel-addressable characters.  I wouldn't really call it "graphics" 
> > since there are gaps between the character cells.
> Well, that's just being pedantic :).  I can plot a point at any 
> arbitrary x,y coordinate.  It's just that there are gaps here and there 
> along the X axis :).

Now that is interesting. Most pocket computers in that form factor don't
have internal support for that (precisely because of the gaps) -- using
the ML exploit doesn't count ;-)

The only Tandy Pocket Computer I've seen, for example, with dot-addressable
graphics was the PC-2 because it was the only one with a gapless display.
Naturally there were quite a few Sharps and Casios, etc., that could, but
still the majority with a character based display have no such feature in
their BASIC.

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