[OT] Virtualization (WAS: UNIX V7)

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Thu Jun 11 16:30:57 CDT 2009

Kirn Gill wrote:
> Let's stick to the realm of x86 virtualization here, because that's
> the architecture I know best.
> Starting off, generally, when you preform virtualization, your VM runs
> (usually) under an OS.
Some vendors extol the virtues of running a hypervisor on "bare metal".  
Of course, all this really means is that they're running it under a 
completely proprietary host operating system rather than on Linux or 
Windows.  Perhaps there is some benefit if the off-the-shelf host 
operating system gets in the way of the hypervisor, but I haven't seen 
any evidence to suggest that Linux does.  (I don't know enough about the 
details of the Windows kernel to comment on that.)


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