the grumpiness of old age [was RE: the arrogance of youth [was RE: UNIX V7]]

John Floren slawmaster at
Thu Jun 11 21:17:21 CDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 6:38 PM, Rich Alderson<RichA at> wrote:
>> From: John Floren
>> Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 6:26 PM
>> Forgive us all for not knowing the deep dark super secret secrets of
>> the super secret TOPS-20 society. If only I had known the unpublished
>> unspoken truth I could have avoided asking for clarification, such an
>> ass I am.
> John, I apologize.  I was a horse's arse in my previous response.
> Since there was a discussion of the XKL Toad-1 in the last few weeks, and
> I posted explicitly as a former XKL employee, I took it on faith that if
> I stated something about the internals of a piece of hardware developed by
> that company, I'd be given the benefit of the doubt.
> I wasn't, and it irritated me out of all proportion.
> Again, my apologies.
> Rich Alderson
> ex-Customer Advocacy, XKL LLC

No sweat... well actually I just got back from the gym so there's a
lot of sweat, but you get the drift. I'm so used to the Internet that
the idea of someone apologizing blows me away :) I in turn am sorry
for making the kinda jerkish reply--I hadn't seen the thread about the
Toad-1, so I didn't get the connection.

It's pretty cool to hear that TOPS-20 is still out there. Is it the
kind of thing where you can just hit the OS through a serial port, or
is it all tucked away carefully behind a lot of special user
interface? I like the OS, but Plan 9 keeps me busy... too bad that
either way I couldn't afford one of those boxes.

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