the arrogance of youth [was RE: UNIX V7]

bfranchuk at bfranchuk at
Thu Jun 11 21:33:21 CDT 2009

David Betz wrote:

> Interesting. I don't suppose their PDP-10 chips are available for 
> purchase separately? Maybe we could get Bob Armstrong of SparetimeGizmos 
> to build a PDP-10 kit!
I shutter at the price of said chips ... I'll take a kit too.  PS  Mark me down 
for a front
panel kit as well.  Hey I can dream.
I wonder how fast  Bob's terminal could emulate a PDP 10, assuming the CPU
can handle the memory needed - rom & ram. I PDP 11 would be more practical
how ever. It would also make a nice 'BABY' emulator too .... the VGA is now
your Memory CRT's as in the original machine.

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