Joystick reproduction (RC transmitter)

Eric Smith eric at
Fri Jun 12 20:41:14 CDT 2009

Bill Sudbrink wrote:
> Well, PC and Apple joysticks (easy to find) are between 100k
> and 150k Ohms... 20 to 30 times the desired values.  Some RC
> transmitters may have 10k pots.  My only knowledge of RC
> transmitter pot values is a couple of web pages about retro-
> fitting a board with a PIC on it into old analog transmitters
> to get digital control of the model.  The pages say things
> like "If you have 5k pots, install this resistor and cap.
> If you have 10k pots, install this other resistor and cap."
> etc...
I'm not certain, but I think 100K or 150K will probably work OK, and it 
won't damage the ADC to try it.

I'm not completely certain about PC joysticks, but joysticks made for 
the Apple II are wired with electrical connections to the wiper and one 
end only.  The other end may be open, or connected to the wiper.


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