VT52 emulator (was: Fw: Still Falling for Tetris, 25 Years After Its Birth )

Alexander Voropay alec at sensi.org
Sat Jun 13 15:08:10 CDT 2009

2009/6/4 Alexander Voropay <alec at sensi.org>:

>>> The 0177 character was a 6x8 block.
>> The VT52 ignored 0177 on receipt, so this game won't work on any decent
>> VT52 emulator. You'd have to guess where the pieces were. :-)

Sergei Frolov made a video playing this TETRIS game:


Rather bad VTY/CAM interference, nice keyboard "clicks" :)

Look at 2:25, the russian DVK (a PDP-11 clone) boots.


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