The "Joys" of moving!

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sat Jun 13 15:49:41 CDT 2009

At 12:31 PM -0700 6/13/09, Al Kossow wrote:
>Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>It's been a long hard day of moving stuff today, but we made great progress.
>Would it be possible to borrow the GCOS manuals to get them scanned?

I've planned on that for years. :-)  Sadly it looks like some might 
have been gotten rid of while I was in the Navy as I have less than 
expected.  I know I have the TSS (Time-Sharing System), JCL, FMS? 
(File Management System), and one or two others.  I also have Cobol 
and Fortran manuals.  Right now the problem is I have no idea where 
in the garage they are.  We just finished emptying out storage and 
getting stuff into the garage, and until my wife gets some more of 
hers and the kids stuff unpacked it is jam packed.

Once I get them dug out I'll let you now.  I also have some DECnet/E 
manuals you might want to borrow.


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