Further Emulator Discussion

Warren Wolfe lists at databasics.us
Sat Jun 13 18:02:57 CDT 2009


All this talk of emulators has gotten me a bit interested again, so I 
went searching for an emulator for another old computer for which I have 
a great deal of software I have written, The Control Data CDC-6500, or 
thereabouts.  Much to my delight, an emulator which will function as 
several different CDC mainframes exists!  However, upon further 
investigation, this software costs US $12,500.00 for single CPU copy.  
CRIPES!  The university I attended GAVE AWAY the 6500 I used to use.

So, anyway, in more general terms, just what is out there in the 
low-volume CPU emulator world?  Yes, I'm interested in CDC specifically, 


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