Further Emulator Discussion

Warren Wolfe lists at databasics.us
Sun Jun 14 01:15:55 CDT 2009

Chuck Guzis wrote:
>  Warren Wolfe wrote:
>  > Much to my delight, an emulator which will function as several
>  > different CDC mainframes exists!  However, upon further
>  > investigation, this software costs US $12,500.00 for single CPU
>  > copy.  CRIPES!  The university I attended GAVE AWAY the 6500 I 
>  > used to use.
> A very common sense decision on their part.  Big, unreliable, power-
> hungry (MG set, chilled water) and a pain to move (think about all of 
> that coax running under the floor).  Not to mention the 
> peripherals...

Oh, I know that...  But, it just seems stupid that one could have the 
computer for nothing, but the emulator costs over ten thousand dollars.  
(They had no takers on the CDC 6500, by the way, and cut it up with 
chainsaws and dragged it away to be scrapped.  Sheesh.

> But a 6000-series emulator wouldn't do it for me.  The constant 80-
> some decibel level of the tape drive vacuum pumps, the screaming of 
> the line printers, the clackety-clack and jamming of the card reader, 
> the devastation to my social life because of dedicated block time in 
> the middle of the night, surviving out of vending machines by eating 
> cottage cheese and potato chips, Miinnesota in January, management 
> complaining of being behind schedule--it just wouldn't be the same.

For me, the vending machines dispensed punch cards.  And, lots of times, 
I got to use a TTY machine.

> Running an emulator would be like watching a silent black-and-white 
> film of the experience.  I've never wanted to even try it.  Besides, 
> how many deadstart tapes of SCOPE 3.1.6 still exist

I don't have a clue...  but, to me, running the programs was it, not the 
belches of the midnight operator (I heard he later went pro with it) and 
jovial laughter of Dr. Eulenberg....   And, as I found out later, NSA 
spooks all over the place.  Funny...  I never noticed them at the time.


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