Any PACE users out there?

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Jun 14 15:03:56 CDT 2009

The PACE was National Semiconductor's first single-chip 16-bit 
microprocessor.  Its architecture was similar to National's earlier 
IMP-16 multichip processor, which in turn was inspired by the Data 
General Nova architecture.

Godbout designed and advertised a PACE system, and built a prototype, 
but never put it into production.  PACE never caught on with hobbyists, 
possibly because it was slower than the more common 8-bit processors.  
PACE, and the later INS8900 NMOS version, did get used in some embedded 

In May I wrote an assembler and simulator for the PACE, and typed in the 
published source code for PACE FIG-Forth.  I found and corrected a bug 
in the U/ word.

In case anyone actually has a PACE system, I've put the sources online:

I'm not quite ready to publish my assembler and simulator, though if 
anyone feels an urgent need for such things, let me know.


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