Intersil EPROM

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If space is tight, you can just bend the appropriate IC pins up over the top
and solder wires to ground / Vcc as necessary... and skip the sockets. If
space is REALLY tight, I've cut the necessary pins off and run wires along
the sides to the stubs. Gotta do this AFTER it is programmed of course !
Good luck.

Best regards, Steven

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> What is the end result ? Is it to fix the equipment or to program those
> parts ? What is the source for the EPROM data ?

Fix the equipment. I do not know where he has the data from.

> If it is to fix the equipment, I would suggest using a 27C16 and make the
> necessary pin adjustments in a homemade carrier ( two 24 pin sockets
> into each other with the necessary pinout adjustments, i.e. unnecessary
> address pins tied to ground, etc... ). Looks like a standard JEDEC pinout.

I understand it is quite a tight fit, and having a carrier with the
level converters would be asking too much.


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